Food - Online Stores 
1-800-Muffins - Offers muffin gift tins, yogurt loaf cakes, and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.. 800-683-3467  - 1-800-Muffins Web Site
Cheerwine Soft Drinks - 704-636-2191  -
Crane's Pie Pantry - 269-561-2297  - Crane's Pie
Diamond Organics - 888-ORGANIC (674-2642)  - Diamond - 877-437-6269  - German
Germanys Best - We ship German products of excellent quality directly to your home. All products are produced and delivered from Germany.  - Germanys Best Website
Guenther House -  - Guenther
Heavenly Sweets - Fall in love with the homemade taste of Heavenly Sweets!! Time is precious these days, so Heavenly Sweets wants to give you more time for your family and less time in the kitchen! We have delicious layered mixes in a cute decorated jar or cute craft bag! Great to make with the kids, because there is less mess! All of the mixes are freshly made when ordered. They can be stored for 3-6 months. Each mix comes topped with cute fabric of your choice and instructions of what to add.  - Heavenly Sweets Web Site
Hershey's - 800-HERSHEY  - Hershey's Web Site
Huckleberry Haven - We specialize in the sweet robust flavor of huckleberries indigenous to higher elevations of the Rocky Mountains. Every berry grows naturally in the forest completely unattended until individually handpicked each summer. Huckleberries cannot be commercially cultivated and therefore are limited in availability and highly desirable. 800-774-8257  - Huckleberry USA, LLC
Food - Online Stores 
Ifs Ands & Butts - The World's Most Famous SodaPop & Tobacco Shop. Vintage and Regional Sodas! 135+ Flavors Nostalgic, Regional, Specialty, Imported Soda Pop... ALL in GLASS BOTTLES! We have the largest selection of cigar & cigarette ashtrays (including crystal), table lighters, and ashtray-lighter sets in North Texas! 888-712-8887  - Ifs Ands & Butts Website
Intelligentsia - Intelligentsia Coffee was founded on what we consider to be a simple premise: buy, roast, and serve the finest coffees available. 888-945-9786  - Intelligentsia
Kitchen Kettle Village - We still make our jams and relishes in open kettles the small-batch cooking way: with all-natural select ingredients. That way you'll taste the most flavor out of every berry, apple and pepper that goes into each jar. 800-732-3538  - Kitchen
M & S Meats - Speciality Meats - We are famous in the Flathead Valley in Montana for our great selection of Buffalo meats and sausages. We also have Elk, Cheese and Jerky. 800-454-3414  - M & S
Marini's At The Beach - 831-423-7258  - Marini's
Mozzarella Company - Mozarella Company, open for 24 years, makes 1000 pounds of cheese a week and offers over 25 varieties. 214 741 4072 - 800 798 2954  - Mozzarella Company Website
Mrs. Fields - Mrs. Fields Cookies  
Mrs. Hanes' Handmade Moravian Cookies - Our cookies are made from an old family recipe that has been handed down for generations. Each cookie is rolled and cut by hand, the same way it was made a century ago. Then flavor is literally rolled into the cookies. We make six delicious flavors: Ginger, Sugar, Lemon, Chocolate, Butterscotch, and Black Walnut. We use only real flavorings & ingredients, and we add no preservatives or additives. 336-764-1402  - Hanes
Mustard Museum and Gourmet Foods Emporium - Wisconsin - The Mount Horeb Mustard Museum's online store offers over 800 different mustards, sauces and gourmet food gift box collections. 800-438-6878  - Mustard
Neto's - 1-888-482-NETO (6386)  - Neto Sausage
Birthday in a Box
Food - Online Stores 
Pepper Patch - 877-348-4779  - Pepper
Schwan's - 888-724-9267  - Schwan'
SeaBear Smokehouse - We ship our wild salmon products to customers in all 50 states. We remain dedicated to the same principles upon which Tom and Marie Savidge founded our company decades ago: making great food people love; taking an inventive approach to all that we do; and always listening to our customers.  800-645-FISH(3474) SeaBear Home Page 
Southern Season - With a reputation built on quality, not only of product but of rarified customer service and attention to detail, A Southern Season now enjoys national acclaim and a loyal following that reaches worldwide. 800-253-3663  - Southern
Strawberry Street Vineyard - 804-355-1839  - Strawberry
Sturgis Pretzel House - 717-626-4354  - Sturgis
Taste of Texas Restaurant - The Taste of Texas experience is now available for your enjoyment at home! Our premium gourmet Certified Angus Beef and Taste of Texas merchandise is available online! Check out our online store for unique and thoughtful Texas gift ideas. 713-932-6902  - Taste of Texas Restaurant Website
Texas Gourmet Quail -  The Diamond H Ranch in Bandera, Texas was originally established in 1991 to raise quail, pheasant and chukar game birds for distribution as flight birds for range restocking, hunting and game preserves. Owner Tom Herrington received bird health and nutrition advice from the Poultry Science Department of Texas A&M University and the Texas Cooperative Extension Service. Today, workers at the Diamond H Ranch collect eggs from hens housed in a customized, German built, state-of-the-art, automated breeding facility. The operation has grown into a large-scale production of pen-raised Bob White quail for use as flight birds and Coturnix quail marketed as Texas Gourmet Quail ™ for resale as meat birds.  - Texas Gourmet Quail Website
Vermont Farms - If you can't get to the farms, these folks listed below can mail-order their specialties to you! There is a fine assortment of Vermont products available from their websites, including cheese, maple products, wines, Christmas trees and wreaths, wool and alpaca products, gift boxes, specialty foods and books! 802-828-3829  - Vermont
WhiteLily - 865-546-5511  - USA, LLC
Food - Online Stores 
Wilbur Chocolate - 888-294-5287  - Wilbur
Zapp's Potato Chips - 800-HOT-CHIP  - Zapp'

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